Monday, September 24, 2007

The BEST Medicine!

What's the best medicine when you are just about 90% recovered from the 2 kidney-infection, acute sepsis incident, 3 days in the hospital on morphine, sickness??? Go to visit one of your best friends who you've known for 17 years and she just happens to live near a fiber festival where your absolute favorite yarn store is going to be!! Oh yeah.

I'm definately all better now!! Just got home here's a few pictures to tide you over until I can give you more details later this week!

Here's the prescription......

1)Go visit the Blue Moon Booth at the Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival.

2) Bring your best friend, who will hold lots of yarn for you, since she knits a scarf a year and doesn't want to buy yarn (she just wants to hang out with you, seriously!).

3) Meet new friends who know you love yarn too! Jessica is just as fabulous in person as she is on her blog and on the knittyboards! We missed you Disco (just insert Disco's picture and then it would have been a super-perfect day).

4) Say hi to the animals!

5) Pet the animals!

6) Buy gorgeous skeins of STR Rare Gems and new colors (that cute model is Christy's daughter...we told her to just act like I had been all day!!).

7) Love the yarn!

8) Eat cupcakes. Lots of cupcakes.

It was just what the yarn doctor ordered. Now how to figure out how to work my budget to arrange a visit for the "Barn Sale" in November. Why oh why did Tina have to tell us?!!

xoxo Irishgirlieknits


Anonymous said...

That sounds like a great day full of fun! I'm happy to hear that you are feeling better!!!

kasiaiscarly said...


Jessica said...

You got some great colors! You didn't even look like you were recovering from a serious illness. :) It was nice meeting you and your friend! I hate to say this but some of those goats or sheep were really freaking me out! I blame it on that sheep horror movie. lol. (even though I didn't watch it) We'll have to get Disco to come out next time. Count me in to enable you to come out in November. ;P

cpurl17 said...

I'm distracted by those yummy looking cupcakes!!

You got some great colors and it looks like your model is a future knitter!

Margot Schips said...

STR has proven restorative therapy... What an awesome get well treat!

Keep feeling better. : )

Unknown said...

Holy crap! For both the yarny goodness & severity of your illness. Glad to see you're on your way to full recovery and heartily agree on your treatment plan. ;)

Now you know you're going have to spill the beans on which shades exactly you bought 'cause your STR-obsessed reader wants to know.

I'd so want to go with you to that barn sale in Nov 'cept then I won't have moolah for Sock Camp next year. :p

Discoknits said...

oh man, I really want to meet you gals at a fun fibre event. Next year.

And do tell us all about the STR.....

And the cupcakes. They look totally scrummy. Was it a birthday celebration, or just because?

Glad you're all better now. :-)

Bezzie said...

Holy guacas--look at all that Blue Moon! What a fun time!

Anonymous said...

Cupcakes look YUMMMY!!!!
Yarn looks nice too!

tapmouse said...

OH-I am sooo dying to hear the details-like the name of one of the skeins of STR that looks like a combo of black onyx mixed with Pond Scum!-lol! I'm jealous but glad you got to have such a wonderful, yarny, good-friends kinda weekend!

Glad you are feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Glad you are feeling better and had a great time!

Anonymous said...

The pictures turned out great! Glad you are back home safe. I had an absolute blast! We need to do this more than just once a year. Maybe I would get my yarn stash out more often! Thanks so much! Your best little Mercy sister ever, C
p.s. I WILL se you in November!!!