Sunday, September 2, 2007

Its September! And Its a Tank Top!?

Finally finished! Introducing Monica! Just in time for hopefully California's Indian Summer. As it is Baby H will probably only get to wear this for a month or so, but what are you going to do?!
When I finally put down the other distractions and finished this, it went quickly, considering this is a 1-year old size (I needed to modify the pattern to make it smaller). I used Rowan All Seasons Cotton and I also used modifications from both Batty and Poops (knit it in the round!!) And wouldn't you know it, Poops sent me a RAK this week!! Stamping stuff for my cardmaking!!! I'm hoping to do some more crafting and sewing tomorrow!! Thanks Poops!!! It made my day!
So, if it doesn't fit Baby H, or if she doesn't wear it during these last few hot days of Septemeber, I can definately make her another one next summer (well, I'll start it in the spring!). I'd definately make this pattern again!
Happy Labor Day!!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


Disco said...

Aaaaw, that is too cute. Again. I love all seasons cotton. One of my 1st knitting projects was a hoodie for Ted in ASC - and I think I used the same blue as your Monica trim.

And thanks so much for being my best Etsy customer. Let me know what you think when the goodies arrive. I'll mail them tomorrow. :-) :-) :-)

Zonda said...

Too cute! Do you think she'll grow into it for next year?

IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

It should fit her perfectly now Zonda....Definately won't fit her next year! I'm a slacker...should have been done in July! But its a just because gift and I know her mom will appreciate it!

Bezzie said...

Very cute! Eh, little kids only wear clothes it seems for one month anyway before they outgrow 'em.

Batty said...

Monica is so cute! Just the perfect little girl top. Perfect timing too, there's still enough warm left.

cpurl17 said...

It's very cute and if this heat wave continues, she'll get to wear it for awhile!

tiennie said...

How very very cute!