Wednesday, September 26, 2007

There Was Sewing Too!

As my friend Christy noted in the comments of my last post, yes there was sewing! Probably the reason why she can understand my STR addiction is because her fabric stash rivals my yarn stash! I should have taken a picture of her sewing room because it is what I would LOVE my craft room to look like. Instead, she gave me some sewing lessons (she's a great teacher...I said I'd just watch...she wouldn't let me get away with that!).

She makes the cutest bags (perfect for gift bags or party favor bags) and sells them here and on Etsy (cute little pumpkin bags and baby blankets too!). Two of these are going to my favorite little blogger boys (that's right could I resist!).

(see that cute STR Gingerbread Dude mill end for reference)

And this is the bag she taught me to make! I'd never used the rotary cutter before (yeap...I'm definately a beginner) or the zigzag (or probably make anything straight!). Her lesson definately made me less afraid of my machine. Thanks Christy!

Okay, and a few more pictures of the pretty Rare Gems colors. These are two of my favorites.

STR mediumweight, Rare Gems

STR lightweight, Rare Gems


That was "THE BOX" that Tina was restocking from when we had our chat. It was a bit hard to not just dig in!! That pretty blue one on the top left is the one I took home and is pictured above. Isn't that the prettiest box of Rare Gems you ever did see?? Oh, if only I could see the ones on the bottom!

xoxox Irishgirlieknits


Bezzie said...

Holy crap! Pardon me while I push my eyes back into their sockets!

cpurl17 said...

whoa! At first I thought that's what YOU brought home!! I almost fainted!

IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

I only WISH I brought home that box (and that maybe I won it as a door prize or something so it wouldn't cost anything)!! No...had to leave it behind! But I love the picture!!

Maybe I should zoom in a bit and then print it out and keep it on my desk at work...just to make me smile!

tiennie said...

Wow! That first STR looks alot like the monsoon colorway! So pretty!

Christy said...

Oh, just how many did you bring home???
You are too funny! You are welcome for the lesson, anytime!!!
Yes, that would make a great picture for your desk. Have a great night!

Zonda said...

Yay, glad you have a friend to help you out with sewing, since I can't be there! Cute bags! I almost fainted too when I saw the box...I was thinking what the score you got LOL!!

Gorgeous yarns...I'm kinda glad I wasn't there..yikes I would have just..well..wouldn't have been pretty! ;)

Debbie said...

Whoa! My breathing just stopped for a moment. How did you keep from digging through this box? I would have gone in head first!

Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

It must've been a testament of knitter willpower for all of the STR obsessed fans to not dive head first into that box of Rare Gems. (I am envious of whoever else got the blue-sy one one the top right.) That box alone might've needed its own body guard.

Love that Monsoon-y Rare Gems & your blue one, of course. Niiiiiice!

And nice sewn bag! So cute.

Jessica said...

Lucky you for scoring some gingerbread mill end!

When I saw that box I almost thought you came clean and posted what you bought! lol.

Great job on sewing. I can't wait to get a machine and learn!

Disco said...

You know how women can never have too many handbags (well, until they can't get into their houses, that is), well, Teddy can never have too many Cars the Movies baggies. Seriously, the boy may not need AA yet, but he could do with some CA. He was very excited to see a picture of them. Thanks Carrie.

And that box of STR. Words cannot express.