Monday, October 29, 2007


Look at these pretty Jaywalkers. Perfect in Socks that Rock, Lightweight, color Mystic Kelp.


They even match my chocolate brown Uggs.


I could leave it at that. The delusion that they fit like a glove. I mean, I read all the comments about how Jaywalkers were often "too small" "knit the larger size" "go up a size in the needles" etc.

Well. Truth be told. Snowboard said it best this morning when he saw the finished pair this morning, "Isn't one of these way too wide?" Me, "Yeap." Him, "I would think you would know how to knit socks the right size by now." Smack (the sound of one handknit sock being tossed at Snowboarder!).
Its a bit hard to see above, but if you start at the toes and go up, you'll see just how wide the one sock is. And you'll also see how little yarn is left (well, that's what happens when you knit one sock WAYYYYYYY too run out of yarn). And, I actually ripped out the first sock a bit (I didn't have the heart to reknit the entire foot, just about half of it) because it really was way too long in addition to being way to wide. For the second sock, I knit the leg on the larger needle (size 1, 2.5mm) and then the heel and foot on the smaller size (size 1, 2.25mm). The toe is a bit wonky due to the yarn shortage and really I think I should have knit the whole sock on the size 2.25mm.
So, for me, future Jaywalker notes (which I will knit again because I do love the pattern and love what it does with the STR), include...
  1. If using lightweight STR, cast on larger size, but use size 1 (2.25 mm) needle for entire sock.
  2. If using mediumweight STR, cast on smaller size, but use size 1 (2.5 mm) needle for entire sock (that's my guess I think).
Anyways, Disco, I hope your Jaywalkers are going well. I do love mine...especially the color! And I wore them all day and only had to pull up the one leg once in awhile...hehehe!!
Happy Halloweenie week!! Hoping to have one more finished pair of socks for Socktoberfest!! Thanks for all the comments about that cute Little Guy!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


Anonymous said...

I think they look great!

Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

Well, at least the Mystic Kelp look great knit up! And you didn't run out of yarn. Besides no one will see the entire socks 'cept Snowboard Dude & you could always give him a swift kick you-know-where while wearing them. Hee.

I can't offer any suggestions on the Jaywalkers since I totally had beginner's luck with my Koigu pair (my second pair of socks evah!). Well,'cept the loose cuff, but still it was a miracle the socks fit my foot the first time I tried them.

Bezzie said...

Regardless of the fit--they look great!

cpurl17 said...

They're sooooo pretty!

I think I'm the only Knitty who has not knit a pair of Jaywalkers!!

Disco said...

Is that 2nd picture the small sock on top of the big sock?

I'm knitting the small size. Well, what I mean is I have knit 4 rounds of the cuff so far.

We;ll see

Zonda said...

I've not knit them yet...maybe one day! Yay I'm not the only one with a sock a tiny bit bigger than the other LOL!! Great colorway though!!

tiennie said...

They are very pretty!

tapmouse said...

LOVE them Jaywalkers! I did something similar with my first pair of socks: since my feet are wide, I decided that I maybe should't decrease back to the original stitch count (I was just being so clever, you do know...applying my knitting knowledge and all that!). So with my first pair of socks, one fits quite well, thank you, but the first of the pair is loose! And what I THOUGHT was kitchener, wasn't! So the toe area is rather funky!

Well, you are kinda motivating me to plug through the Rainforest Jaspers that are sitting-no nee for them to match or be perfect, right?!