Sunday, October 7, 2007

Weekend Update

Wrapping up a nice relaxing weekend here. The highlight of my weekend included this and finishing these..... Woolgirl Sock Club socks :) I love the yarn (Miss Babs Sportweight, color Waterfalls) and the pattern (Waterfalls). And they are also my first official finished socks for Socktoberfest!



I also knit up a few baby hats for the Trillian42's Hats for Alex project. She's so close to reaching her goal this know you want to knit a few!!

Baby Hats
And I know you have all been waiting to find out what my "purse guts" look like... Blogstalking Assignment #2!

I'll be honest, I did toss TONS of random papers, receipts, etc., before I took the photo. Let's see what we bag, some bills to pay, 4 pens (although I can never find one when I need one), medicine (yeap, still on it from being sick), keys, breakfast-to-go, and the cutest wristlet ever! The wristlet serves as my purse whenever I can get away with it (e.g., when I don't have to go to work such as yesterday when I went to the farmer's market).

Assignment #3 coming soon... I even got my car washed this weekend just for you guys (actually, Snowboarder said it was getting pretty bad).

Have a great week!

xoxo Irishgirlieknits


cpurl17 said...

OOh those socks are so pretty! Mine is still in the package...

Love the baby hats and I wish my purse was as neat as yours!

Jessica said...

Love the bag and the wristlet. Maybe I'll get a cheapy cheap fall bag from Old Navy or something. Those socks are great. You know, we've got some great waterfalls here in Oregon! :)

tiennie said...

Great socks and hats! Very pretty!

Zonda said...

Very pretty socks!! Go you! Hey, that stripe fabric pouch is familiar fabrics to me! ;)

Christy said...

Hi! Great Socks! Love the colors! Cute baby hats as always! Doesn't it feel great to just clean out that purse!?! PURGE!!!
Happy Monday, and oh it just happens to be my birthday too... :)

Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

Love the socks. I need to knit mine up, but I keep getting distracted by other socks. ;)

I got my 3 hats for Alex too! Too bad 1 disappeared into my monkeys' toybox. I'll have to knit up one more if I can't find it. I like how Trillian is asking for not just baby hats, but kids' hats too.

Disco said...

The socks are SO pretty. Nice blues :-)

And the hats for Alex are cute too.

I cleaned out all the papers/receipts from my purse too (I think you can see the pile of them in the photo), but only a few days later, it is just as bad - how does that happen?

Eryn said...

Beautiful socks and hats!

c said...

THANK YOU! Got them today. PERFECT!!! My pigs couldn't be happier. You are the best!
Thanks again,

tapmouse said...

Dang! I am so jealous you got your waterfall socks done! I've been good and working on my Solstice Slip socks, so have still been able to resist the urge to cast on for the Waterfalls. Of course, then there are the Campanulas, which would be quite appropriately worked during this month. Hmm....we'll see!

LOVELY Waterfalls, IrishGirlie!