Wednesday, October 17, 2007

WIP & Blogstalking...Exciting!!

Scarf that Rocks II Goes to the Lake! I took a WIP shot while at Lake Tahoe. Its about half-way done. I've been trying to keep this on the back burner and only take it out when I need some mindless knitting.
I love how these colorways (Harlotty and Januaryone) are knitting up!

In other WIPs news, I'm almost done with Rowan's first sock....nothing too exciting. I also finished a cute hat for Little Guy, but I'll save those pics for the weekend (may or may not be able to convince my brother to email me a picture for the blog...if not, I have just the hat pic).

Blogstalking Assignment #3: Here to There

So how do I get from here to there..... in my Honda Pilot! I love my car, all 81,000 miles in 3 1/2 years too! Yeap, we drive everywhere here in California! One of the reasons why I got this car was for driving up to Reno to visit my grandma and great-aunts (from the bay area you have to go through the mountains and in the winter the 4WD comes in handy!). I took the long way home from Tahoe this weekend and visited my great-aunt...she's by herself now, but doing well. Here's my car outside her house (those are the Sierra-Nevada mountains in the background).

Although I do drive everywhere, there is one other here to there someone in my family does everyday...walking the doggies. See if they are staying with us (we share custody with dad, long story!), Rowan and I have just a tiny balcony at our condo. So, three times a day, those cute doggies get a walk...rain or shine! Early saturday mornings too. Often Rowan and I can be heard "negotiating" who is doing which walk!!

I couldn't resist showing a picture of that here to there....

Aren't they cute!! Back in the summer, dad made sure their "haircuts" were very short....and they still are :(

xoxo Irishgirlieknits


sgeddes said...

Those colors seem like a great combination. I've wanted to do a second scarf but don't know what colors to choose.

The doggies are very cute!

kasiaiscarly said...

he he. . one of my friends has the identical lead for her puggle (I think, at least. . . is it a LUPINE?)

kemtee said...

See, it's not just me that can pack mileage on a car in such a short time!

Jessica said...

Your chevron scarf is looking soo good.

Honda's are great. When I win the lotto I'm getting a Highlander Hybrid. Woot. My mom is a firm believer in Toyota's though. :)

What a cutie puppy booty shot! LOL

By the way, you still need to tell me more about the barn sale!!

tiennie said...

Pretty pretty chevron!

Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

I love that color combo!

Batty said...

Very pretty color combo.

Now, the doggies... the idea of tiny dogs pulling a big sleigh really cracks me up. Californian Eskimo! Yeah!