Thursday, December 27, 2007

For Rowan

Army Girl Socks

Army Girl Socks

Yarn: Duet Sock Yarn, color Army Girl (a swap from Zonda!!)
Needles: size 2, (3.0 mm)
Pattern: my own modified version of a bunch; co 56, 1 x1 rib cuff for 1", short row heel and toe in contrasting color; short row heel and toes
Notes: ACK! to short row heel and matter what I do, there are gaps. Must figure this out before next pattern that requires them. You can't tell on these because I basically seamed the little holes up :) I will say, this is my first "plain vanilla" sock ever (just knit knit knit) and I kinda liked it! Especially last night when I cranked out a good few inches at the movies (we saw I Am Legend...ok, had to put the sock down at the scary parts).

Knitting secret socks for Rowan for Christmas was no easy task. But at least I knew she would love them. I keep a basket of my favorite sock yarns out to remind me of my pretty stash (an effort to curb the easy click of a button to buy that gorgeous sock yarn) and this is the yarn that Rowan is constantly picking out saying, "These are mine! When are you going to knit these for me!" (she sounds a bit um.....stinky?! younger, sister-ish? doesn't she?! but wait til you see what Woolgirl goodness she got me for Christmas....the love works both ways) She was definately surprised to open her one sock when we celebrated last weekend (that's right, just finished these last night. I knew she wouldn't care).

These count as my 16th pair of socks for the year 2007! Wow! Not sure it justifies the sock yarn stash, but still, wow! This has definately been the year of socks for me!

Now the next gift was fun to see my sister's reaction when my brother opened it.

Harry Potter Ornament

Mini-Weasley Sweater Ornament

My original plan was to give these to both my brother and Rowan (both love Harry Potter). But, I only finished one, and figured I was only going to see my brother on the weekend. So I gave it to him first. It was the last gift opened. My sister gasped as he opened it and looked like she was going to cry, thinking I hadn't made her one. She's going to be 30 people!! Its an ornament! I almost wanted to laugh...I quickly told her her's just wasn't started/finished yet, not too worry. She then quickly explained to my brother just how cool this was, how much she wanted it since she saw it in the book, etc., etc. Oh the knitty love! And, yes, her's hasn't been started yet.

Tomorrow there will definately be yarn here on the blog. Just not sure if it will be Snowboarder's gift (he got me Noro sock yarn!! Love him! He picked it out all on his own!!!!!!!!) or Rowan's and Dad's (lots of Woolgirl yarns!!). I will say having a blog sure made it easy for them to know what to get me for Christmas :)

Happy Holidays!!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


sgeddes said...

I lvoe the socks. The coordinating toes and heels are wonderful.

The mini HP sweater is great! I'm sure that was a big hit!

Scrabblequeen said...

Those socks Rock! I love the colors.

Batty said...

I'm so glad you are blessed with a sister who understands just how cool hand-knit HP stuff is -- or hand-knit stuff in general. It's reactions like those that keep us knitting through the times when all we want to do is throw the stupid hole-riddled short row sock off a cliff.

I don't get holes except where the YO's are, so I guess they are sort of built in. Maybe I need to make some wrap and turn type of short row socks and see how that goes. If I figure out the mystery of hole-lessness, I'll let you know!

hearthead said...

Merry Christmas again! I love Rowan's socks and big Bro's ornament! Very Cute! 16 socks, and I own a pair, wow... that absolutely justifies the stash. I can't really do the same about my fabric stash.......
Love you! Beautiful work as always!

Unknown said...

What a couple awesome knitted gifts!

Sounds like you all had an awesome Christmas!

Zonda said...

Darn, now why did I swap that yarn with you?? hehe...They look so good! Love the little ornament! So nice when all your knits are so wanted and appreciated! :)

cpurl17 said...

Adorable socks and girl, you better get started on that 2nd sweater!

Discoknits said...

LOVE the socks. What a cool colour - army girl :-)

And the ornament - which yarn is it made from? It looks like little flecks in the pink - very nice.

Now, how many of those 2007 socks do you still own? They always seem like such a lot of effort to be given away - but then I have only made 3 pairs total.

Can't wait to see the yarn tomorrow.....

kasiaiscarly said...

The socks look great. I'm actually planning on attempting my first toe up short row toe/heel socks. If you figure out the secret to no holes, do tell :)

Bezzie said...

I LOVE the colors on those socks! I'm hungry for icecream now!

Rebel said...

LOVE the HP sweater ornament. I've really got to make one. Heck, I'm still thinking about making myself a Weasly sweater!

tapmouse said...

I loveses those socksies! They are soooo pretty! And the mini sweater-?! TRES ADORABLE!

Sounds like a great celebration and fun times spent with the family-and the cutest most knitterly-endowed Little Guy!

So did ya get all them ornaments done? Yeah, we know about Rowan's sweater...have you cast on for it yet?

Brena said...

What a gorgeous gorgeous colorway!!!!!

I always get those stupid holes as well.