Sunday, December 30, 2007

One More FO for 2007

This wasn't necessarily a Christmas gift. Its for my best friend, whom I've known since we were six. Her blog alias, Miss Virgilia (does anyone recognize the 80's mini-series reference that we were obsessed with as um....12-year-olds? I think...). I used to call her Virgilia because her hair reminded me of that particular character's hair. Anyways, last year, when I realized that my best friends each had maybe one or two handknit items from me, and they were from my early scarf-knitting days, years ago, I promised to stop knitting gifts for people who wouldn't appreciate them and start knitting more for those who I knew would (aka my friends! See, the thing is, as we all got older, my close friends and I decided we didn't need to exchange gifts anymore...I digress.). Virgilia is going to Dental School in Denver so last spring I sent her the MMMMMMalabrigo scarf and I finally got a picture of her in it when she was home at Christmas.

MMMMMalabrigo Scarf

And now she'll have a new hat to go with her scarf.

Thorpe Hat

Thorpe Hat

Yarn: Malabrigo Chunky, color Mountain Spirit
Notes: Love this quick knit! There will be a few more of these knit up soon I think.

Off to ring in the new year with Little Guy and the family!
Happy New Year!!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


Discoknits said...

Great hat and gorgeous colours - they'll sure cheer her up in the cold winter of Denver :-)

I went to the pattern's site and have fallen in love with Linea. I think I have some stash yarn in mind too! Thanks for linking :-)

sgeddes said...

I lveo those. That scarf pattern has been on my list for quite a while! I love the hat too.

cpurl17 said...

Lovely gifts and she'll think of her fabulous friend every time she reaches for them!!

Calling on Kahlo said...

I love the scarf!

I have enjoyed reading your blog this year and I love acquiring Posh yarn from ya!

Happy New Year!

Zonda said...

Oh that scarf again!! Love that to print out the pattern!

Happy New Year!!

Bezzie said...

Oh my god so gorgeous!!! I love that color!

And her hair is nice too ;-)