Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Top 10 Things......

....I could have blogged about last week.

10) I had the flu on Tuesday. Yuck. I always know I'm really sick when I don't even knit.

9) It was Bailey's 3rd birthday! Okay, probably wouldn't have blogged about that, but here's a picture of her and Rowan (we are in holiday knitting crunch and everyone else who is getting a gift reads the blog...so this is the best picture you're going to get!).

8) Spent 45 minutes at REI with Rowan, staring at a wall of knitted hats (see her new one being modeled in the picture above). Emotionally, I went back and forth between "I can't believe she is going to buy hats that I could just make her!" and "She better not be expecting me to knit her a hat for Christmas when she has already requested socks." Either way, she was happy and I got ideas for Snowboarder's hat.

7) Finished a pair of Big Baby Booties that Rock for a certain someone. No pics. Not even in ravelry yet.

6) My super fabulous swap package from LittleMy came. Happy Holidays all the way from the UK. Can anyone say Colinette and Marks & Spencer? happy happy.

5) Watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. (again, probably not blog-worthy, but sure did make me happy, even with the flu).

4) Speaking of Harry, met up with Heathermione while she was in town for a visit. We had a great time yarn shopping!

3) A favorite yarn store got their Ravens shipment in. And a certain someone had a gift certificate from a favorite someone (thank you!). Maybe some YPF?? I was pretty good (although the Ravens in Twisted is absolutely perfect genius!).

2) Chocolate fudge and white chocolate candy cane bark made. Cookies...still to come.

1) I have not finished my holiday knitting. And my Christmas deadline for three of the gifts is by Saturday. Then there are three more after that (that's 6!!). Plus those ornaments. Cute you all say (thank you!!) . But after five....not so cute. not. when. you. have. to. knit. 10. more.

Just think...lots of fun holiday FOs next week!

Happy Hot Chocolate!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


turtlegirl76 said...

All that and all I can think of is that you MADE white chocolate candy cane bark? Mmmm...I love white chocolate. And I love candy canes. That sounds delishious!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the holiday knitting! I feel you pain.

Zonda said...

I'm knitting as fast as I can too! Glad you are doing better!!I'll be making peanut butter fudge tonite!

Unknown said...

Bailey's so cute!!!!!
I sing the Nemo song... Just keep knitting. Just keep knitting.

Unknown said...

Hang in there! You can make it.

At least you're not like me contemplating *starting* a pair of socks for DH only 7 days before x-mas. (Not going to happen, but I am swatching.)

Anonymous said...

Hey there, sorry to hear your sick. Did I tell you I fractured my rib last week? Smooth. We're a great pair!!!
I would gladly wait until after Christmas for any gift you may have in mind for me..... :)
Thanks love ya, hope you feel better than me.

Discoknits said...

Well, apart from the flu, that sounds like a pretty good, blog-worthy week to me :-)

Hope you're feeling better. Of course you're feeling better. You have Raven!

I like Rowan's new hat -did she actually knit it, or did she (shudder) buy it? If she knit it, she needs to blog it - about time for another irishblogpost.

OOoh, and Marks & Sparks - now I'm homesick :-) Please post a pic of the M&S soon. Pretty please. :-)

Turtle said...

good luck with the holiday knitting. i just finished this past weekend and finished the baking yesterday. You can do it, stick in a good cheesy holiday movie while you knit, sip some baileys....that will help the last of the flu as well!

tapmouse said...

Well here you are, I missed you! I'm trying to avoid blogging and spending too much time on-line since I'm down to the wire with all my holiday stuff, too! And yes, the knit gifts, as well...more on that when I blog!