Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Journey of a Sock Design

The secret is out. I was one of the designers for the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Rockin' Sock Club in March!

I can almost certainly say, this would never have happened without this here blog and you, my dear blog friends! Especially those of you Knittyheads who have been around to remember things like this, and this, and this (this one is still my favorite)! Well, and my dear best friend Christy, who schlepped me to those fiber events where I made some very dear friends.

And so, I had to try to document every fabulous moment of this experience.

First, the phone call from Tina where she just asked if she could read me something. It was this. Happiest phone call ever (and then the dead panic started in as soon as I hung up the phone).

She said something about maybe March and with Christmas knitting, then another design I was already committed to, well, I just went into denial.

Then another phone call where my two questions were: a) Variegated or shaded solid (she said variegated...phew! Just what I was hoping for); and b) lightweight or mediumweight (she said mediumweight...again, just what I was hoping for). Oh, and she said greens and she was thinking of naming the yarn My Wild Irishgirlie (dude. second happiest moment). And then this arrived.


Oh, and beware, this post is filled with not-so-spectacular photography skills. Deadline knitting, plus winter, means late night, flash-exposed, yarn pics. I did my best. If you really want some beauty, check this out.


Back to the yarn. Greens with, oh my goodness, my two favorite colors, blue and pink. I was so so so excited. I wound that baby up and packed it with me and brought it to New Orleans.


That business trip involved lots of hotel room knitting, king cake, and the Saints winning their Playoff Championship! Wait, the obligatory king cake shot. Because now I want some.


But I didn't knit that gorgeous skein right away. I wanted to try my pattern out, work out the kinks, etc., with a different skein of Socks that Rock.


I chose Dutch Canyon. I figured if the pattern popped in this highly variegated yarn, I was on the right path. Plus, the pattern required three different sizes, so this was the medium size.


I am a bit smitten with that heel.

I sent those pictures off to Tina, both for my reassurance and hers. I was good to go! I knit knit knit knit. And finished my sock and pattern.



A couple of quick photos for proof one sock existed. And then the wait began.

I am not good at keeping secrets. This one killed me. And then the teasers began. Torture again.

Finally, my pattern and yarn arrived, and I did my own little dance!!!



I now present to you, Slip Jig.

From the introduction of the pattern notes....

I'm an Irish girl at heart. Envision a young girl, who grew up listening to tales from her grandparents about the old country, leprechauns and banshees. And took Irish dancing lessons for 10 years. It is no wonder that this colorway, paired with these slip stitches, inspired me to name this pattern Slip Jig.







Pattern: Slip Jig

Yarn: BMFA Socks that Rock, mediumweight, colorway My Wild Irishgirlie

Needles: US 1.5 (2.5mm)

Size: medium size

Notes: I designed these socks, and yes, there are probably 2 noticeable errors when I knit them up for myself (not pattern errors, knitter errors). Both occurred at knit night :)

Pattern and color will be available to the general public in March 2011 at Blue Moon Fiber Arts.

Big thank you to Tina. And to all of you for your support on this journey!

Happy Dancing!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


turtlegirl76 said...

Congratulations, Carrie! It's a great pattern and a fabulous colorway!

dianne said...

So so so happy for you!!!! I am slip jigging away myself and will be done in the next few days. Can't wait to wear them!!

Knitter Kitter said...

Congratulations, Carrie! Gorgeous pattern and gorgeous yarn! Thank you!

Bezzie said...

I had seen the color but not the pattern--very nice! And like I said to Turtlegirl--I'm shocked it took them this long to name a color after you! Ha ha!

Zonda said...

Congratulations again! So proud of you! I'm sure it is so not easy to design at all! Looking forward to March 2011!

cockeyed said...

so, so proud of you! Congrats!

Scrabblequeen said...

Awesome! Never mind the socks, YOU rock! Lovely colorway and pattern.

Sheila said...

Congratulations to you!! Gorgeous socks!! Some day I will be able to knit socks like that.

pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

Beautiful pattern, and so cool that the colorway is named after you!

JelliDonut said...

It couldn't have happened to a nicer designer. Congrats!

Caffeine Girl said...

Congratulations, Carrie! The socks are adorable. Very unique and fun. I can't believe we have to wait a whole year to knit them for ourselves.

Unknown said...

Congratulations again, Carrie! I too started my Slip Jig and it's plugging along swimmingly.

Rani said...

This is really amazing. Not that it surprises me - with your talents.

I am so proud to "know" you via the blogosphere. What an honor for you!!! Congrats - you deserve it!!

ps. GREAT post!

KnitAllNight said...

Congratulations! It's a gorgeous pattern and (of course) beautiful yarn.

Kathy in San Jose said...

I saw the shipment when Nathania received hers and there was audible gasping when we saw the color - gorgeous! Then I saw the pattern and have been regretting that I couldn't afford to be in the club...

peony said...

Such pretty socks!

knittingknirvana said...

So wonderful!!! Congratulations!!! Like a knitter's dream come true. You have worked hard for this moment. Relish in it. :)

SissySees said...

I only own one skein of STR, which a friend secured for me at Maryland Sheep & Wool last year as a 40th birthday gift. I am going to have to bite the bullet and order that yarn and that pattern!!!


Neuroknitter said...

Congratulations, Carrie!! I can't tell you what a total thrill, delight and honor it was to test knit and photograph your most amazing sock pattern!!! You have mad designing on!!! :) :)

chemgrrl said...

Oh, how pretty! Want! I have to wait until NEXT YEAR to get my own? *pout*

Gigi said...

Beautiful, gorgeous, stunning! So pleased to see another wonderful pattern from you Miss Irish Girlie. I was thinking of starting another pair of socks last night and wondered if I should CO for yet another pair of Cotty's ;-). Maybe these little Slip Jigs instead?

tapmouse said...

Absolutely amazing and exciting! Such a wonderful color and such a beautiful pattern you came up with! You are on a roll, Girlie!

Laura said...

ya know.....i opened my bmfa package and the colors weren't exactly me. i let the skien sit on a table and realized that the colors were SO my friend, Rose. I started the wonderful pattern of hers and i am loving every second of it! that's a great job!

weezalana said...

Congrats on another sock design! :)