Sunday, March 9, 2014

March Madness!

What a busy weekend! I sure would have liked that extra hour today, but oh well. I can't complain with the gorgeous weather we had this weekend.



Softball season has begun, which hopefully means lots of knitting time! I finished up my baby Keegan hat today to go with the matching socks. Surprisingly, casting on the second hat did not make the first one appear. Oh well. Just need to finish the photo shoot with baby Magpie this week and then the new IGK pattern will be ready for you guys.

Actually, I'm hoping to have a couple of IGK patterns ready for you guys in the next few weeks! Want a peek?


Recognize these?


Yes, they are Slip Jig! I'm so excited to make this one available through Ravelry just in time for St. Patrick's Day. My mom and I did a photo shoot yesterday, and as soon as it is back from my lovely graphic designer, I'll be releasing it.

Speaking of socks, remember these?

Breakfast Blend

I've been so behind on writing the pattern, but the end is almost near. I will say, I absolutely love Bare Naked Wools Breakfast Blend and these socks keep my feet so warm.

Two other new ones that should be to you in the next few weeks....just as soon as I get the pattern to the test knitters (oops....are we sensing a theme?).



Originally I was hoping to get all these done for my Annual Irish Girlie Knits St. Patrick's Day BOGO sale, but that is madness. The past few months set me a bit behind, and as productive as I've been feeling, I'm not quite back up to speed. At least my knitting mojo is back! I'm hoping for at least a few to be done though, and the rest definitely done by March. Especially that shawl....I so want to knit another one!

Don't worry, I'll be sure to remind you about my annual sale, but wanted to give you a heads up. You know we love St. Patrick's Day around here. I promise Slip Jig will definitely be ready!

How was your weekend? Anything off the needles? I sure want to cast on all the things, but I'm trying to be good and get some of these patterns finished up first.

Here's to a great week ahead!

Happy Knitting!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


Renee Anne said...

I've finished my Traveling Vines Socks...but now I need to write the pattern and I haven't figured out the math for the bigger and smaller sizes (and I really don't want to knit a bunch of heels for them to do it but I'll probably have to). I have a couple people interested in testing but I need to write the pattern. Sorry, totally whining. I've not written patterns this complicated before...

HeatherinSF said...

It was lovely to finally see you in person last week at the bookstore!

Would love to buy your pattern for the Slip Jig socks, hope you tweet about it when the pattern is ready! I have the perfect yarn at home. It's time for more selfish knitting!

Melissa said...

You've been accomplishing a vast about given what you've had to deal with. I know it's not what you think you should be managing, but you've only got so many spoons on any given day.(In case you or some of your readers are unfamiliar with the spoon theory this is one of the best explanations. Looking forward to the new patterns. Goodluck with softball this year.

Kelly-ann said...

I blocked my Summer Wind! Looking forward to Slip Jig...will keep my eyes open for it.

dianne said...

Nothing off the needles over the weekend, but I did finish my Color Affection today at chemo! Bonus for me is that my chemo nurse is a knitter too and loves to see what I bring with me :-)

Jill L said...

Knitting is a good sigh and it looks like you are feeling better -