Wednesday, August 6, 2008

WIP Wednesday: The Coming Clean Edition

Its time to come clean. I've probably been avoiding WIP Wednesdays because, um, the projects overfloweth! Goodness! So many, that I haven't even put some on my Ravelry projects page. And yet, I don't really see any of these making much progress during the Ravelympics except for the baby sweater below, which is quite close to being finished. Oh well. Now that I've come clean....

February Baby WIP

February Baby Sweater in Socks that Rock, mediumweight, colorway Tanzanite

yummy! and good stash knitting!

Pa's Scarf

Poor Pa's Scarf. Dad wanted a scarf for Father's Day for when he walks the dogs at night. Well, I figured I could hold out til fall for the chilly walks (of course, it actually rained a bit last night on their walk). But I did cast this on on Father's Day. And it has remained untouched ever since. Yeap, he asks about it every once in awhile. Oh, and its Rowan Plaid from the stash!

I blame Summer of Socks! I am fully embracing it!

pookie socks

Sock #1 on my Garter Rib Pookie Socks, Miss Babs Yummy fingering, colorway Pookie
The yarn is indeed Yummy! and I'm resisting more even though its on sale at Woolgirl now!

gumdrop socks

Yeap, I cast these on last week right when I got home from vacation! I just couldn't resist!! Goody Goody Gumdrops! The Rockin' Sock Club shipment for this month. Cast on, and haven't touched it sad....because I want to...but the baby shower will be here sooner than I think.

Deux Aubergines

I know. Another sock. This one was cast on at the end of June for the Sock Knitters Anonymous (hehehehe, obviously I'm a member!) design your own sock challenge. I'm attempting to use the stitch from my Aubergine Scarf on the socks. Pretty, but fiddly. The pattern is much easier on size 8s as opposed to 1s. Oh well. Sock #1 too. Socks that Rock, lightweight, Eggplanted.


So what do I decide to do for the Ravelympics? Start another sock.

And yes, there are a few other projects on the needle. Wow. This is probably the most I've had on the needles for awhile. Oh well.

Happy Knitting!

xoxo Irishgirlieknits


tiennie said...

Look at all those pretty pretty projects!

kasiaiscarly said...

I thought I was queen of the WIPs, but I pass the tiara to you :)

I just got my Namaste AND Miss Babs yesterday. I got Yummy Sport and I'm resisting casting right on!

Bezzie said...

Holy crap I love the color of that baby sweater!!!

Zonda said...

Pretty Wips! Hehe..don't you feel better coming clean LOL ;)

laura said...

oh mi god hallalujah i thought i was bad with the WIPs!! i've been good about not buying any sock yarn but then that hasn't stopped me from starting stuff left and right. i'm in great company. all the socks and the sweater and scarf look gorgeous. and really, it is summer...papa irishgirlieknits probably doesn't miss it...yet

laura said...

why did you mention the wool girl sale?!?!?!?! grrrrrrrrrr! i'm gonna fall off the wagon!

Stacey said...

pretty stuff! I love those socks! I've finally gotten mine down to one sock OTN - and one abandoned. :)

Disco said...

MORE wips????? Wow, you need a bit of monogamy for a while and finish some of these up. Leave Dad's scarf (sorry Dad) til last - it's gotta still be warm there for a little while, right?

Love how the Eggplanted (Aubergined?) knits up. Really pretty :0)

cupcakefaerie said...

Such pretty aubergine socks!

hearthead said...

You are funny! You mean you don't miss the needles you left here? Finish Dad's scarf already!!! Call me already!!!! Have a happy day!

tiggerr said...

*bowing to the queen*

My Ravelympics is to finish a few things. They are going to be designated during the opening ceremony and fininshed at a sane pace.
That means my Entrelac bag, Mary's, and my Mama socks.
Barring any further injury to the hand that is.

Btw, Eggplanted will have to now be added to my 'shop' stash, thankyouverymuch!

weezalana said...

Variety is the spice of life! :D

Beverly said...

You are quite the busy knitter! I have a bunch of things on the needles now too that will have to languish while I go for the Ravelympics gold (with an afghan, no less - ambitious much?).

Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

Wait! I thought you were my focused knitting guru! ;)

Lots of nice WIP's! Love the Eggplanted as socks too.

Marisol said...

Gosh look at all those projects! Hey the more the merrier I always say:) Its time to go cast happy --its Ravelympics time!

I'm deep in love with that egplanted colorway too:) So glad I picked one up at sock camp!

Anonymous said...

Those are fantastic WIP's. Good luck finishing them.

Nell said...

Very pretty projects. You're on a purple kick, huh? Funny because I went shopping on Thursday and bought everything purple. It's the color of the season. Good luck with all the WIP's!