Friday, May 8, 2009

Fall in Love Fridays: The Good Stuff

When you are on a self-imposed yarn fast, its good to enjoy your stash as often as needed. Fortunately, I have a very nice stash.

Mama Blue little rarities
Such pretty Mama Blue. I'd love to knit it soon. But I don't think its even on my May to-knit list.

Plucky MCN Blarney
A gorgeous Plucky Knitter MCN in Blarney. Perfect, right?

STR Aquaboy
STR Aquaboy. Goodness gracious. This color is gorgeous. I'm loving the bright colors lately....spring is here!

Lifestyle rich in fiber.

This yarn fast is so not a diet. I'm not a fan of the yarn diet either. Its a lifestyle change, right?

The past 5 weeks have been detox. The lifestyle change comes in June.

Happy Friday!!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


tiennie said...

You do have a very nice stash to dive into!

weezalana said...

OMG. I almost broke my screen trying to reach in and grab that STR Aquaboy! I LOVE it! Was that a camp or club special? (Because naturally, I immediately ran over to the BMFA website and tried to find it.)

cupcakefaerie said...

Oh my goodness, such a lovely stash! And when was Aquaboy available? I love that name.

What lifestyle change? Did you advise me of that? Does that mean I have to make one too? Whatever it is? :)

Lindsay said...

So pretty.....I love the color of the Plucky Knitter skein. And I'm still just in awe of your May to-knit list.

Zonda said...

Gorgeous colors!! yer back for Weez!

Scrabblequeen said...

Does this mean you are not going to buy gorgeous yarn when it presents itself to you? It's truly hard to only look and never reach out and "touch" it.

Neuroknitter said...

I like the idea of a lifestyle allows for purchasing, but not at the same rate as before. Kind of a shift in the balance, right? I like that.

Which skein are you going to dive into next?? :)

Courtney said...

Very pretty yarns! I especially love the Aquaboy.

Rani said...

Those yarns look like the salt-water taffy I used to look at in the glass case in our five-and-dime. so soft and chewy and wonderful.

peaknits said...

Yum, all three are so pretty! Yes, lifestyle not a diet! Can't wait to hear more on that!

Bezzie said...

That mamablue is magically squishlicious!

Knitting Kris said...

Oh, that is lovely yarn. I think I need to do the same thing. But I like lifestyle change instead of yarn diet. Diet is too harsh a word for me!