Saturday, May 22, 2010

How was your Saturday?

Ours was great! It started with a trip to the Farmer's Market......





I always feel good when I have time to get to the farmer's market. I think I like knowing I'll be eating healthy all week with such fresh, yummy food!

happy princess

And lil' snowboarder just loves the farmer's market!

Now tonight, I have some swatching to do. The swatch in the pictures didn't work, so now on to the next one. The yummy yarn is Shalimar Yarns Zoe sock, in Concord Grape.


And if swatch number 2 doesn't work, then I've got a slip jig to finish!

How was your day?

Happy Knitting!!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


tapmouse said...

Sweet Saturday! Lil Snowboarder looked like she was enjoying herself! That purple is a gorgeous shade. Happy Weekend to you!

Channon said...

Yum! We had the best strawberries last weekend...

Love both of those yarns, but I think I need a close-up and more info about the stitch marker in the last photo.

JelliDonut said...

Yummy! Great photos.

gaylen said...

Lovely photos. Glad you had such a nice Saturday. I think our local Farmer's Market starts up today. I should head over there.

I'm knitting too. A pair of very lightweight Dotty's and a cardigan. GAH! g

piddleloop said...

i just loooove lil snowboarder! how adorable is she?

Jocelyn said...

I almost reached out and grabbed a strawberry from my monitor! Wow, that is awesome. Lil Snowboarder is adorable.

What is that purple skein? Plucky?

Our Saturday was fun - Prince of Persia and then beach volleyball.

Anonymous said...

Your Saturday looked more fun than mine did!

Had to do lots of house work :(