Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A sign?

When I finished the Lil' Cotty socks yesterday I wasn't quite sure what to work on next. Something from the WIPs pile? Start one of the new designs I've had in my mind? Work on that Snowboarder Hat or Mom's fingerless gloves? Those are a bit tricky because technically they are also both new designs....see the dilemna?

Well, it was late. So I cast on kind of a new design that would be easy and quick to knit.


An infinity scarf in the gorgeous Plucky Knitter Merino Alpaca Silk. I cast on and worked a good inch or two before I realized that it was twisted. Ugh. I thought I had even double-checked. And so I frogged it and then thought....is this a sign? Should I wait on this and work on something else?

I cast on and ensured it wasn't twisted and knit a row. Then I did some blog reading and read Stephanie's post. She talks about wrapping up her knitting for the year. Finishing what she had hoped or intended to finish, but being realistic too. Another sign.

Then I thought...well, I've got three solid days. The new designs and gifts will get done. I know that. But the other stuff, well it will just keep getting pushed to the back-burner, lowest-project-on-the-totem-pole kind of thing.

So I've decided to finish two projects. Or at least make a solid effort to try. Both for me. Both pure enjoyment, no deadline/design knitting.

The BFF Traveling Pont Neuf Scarf in BMFA BFL in colorway True Blood. I knit a few rows of this last night while I was getting a pedicure and thought...I need to finish this. I love it and the color is fabulous and I don't have anything this color and I need to send a certain someone the rest of the yarn. So this is the first project I hope to finish.


And then there are my handspun Fightin' Irish (a gift from ilikecake) Cotty socks. I have one done. I started these at the beginning of the football season. I'd love to at least make good progress on them Friday during Notre Dame's Sun Bowl appearance! Go Irish!!

So there you have it. I'm going to see how productive I can be and wrap up these projects! Any projects you are trying to finish up before the new year?

Oh, and are any of you thinking of doing the make your own Stash Sock Club similar to the Yarn Harlot's like last year? She described it here. I had wanted to last year and it just didn't happen, but I definitely want to do it this year. My sock knitting hasn't been as productive as in years past, partly due to designing, but there are soooooo many patterns I want to knit. And we know I have the stash for it! That's on my to-do list for this week too.

Happy Knitting!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


Zonda said...

hmm...I see I'm not the only one twisting an eternity scarf today...or yesterday ;) I know what you mean..finish a Wip or start a new one..always a dilemma, but you've picked 2 good ones to finish...good luck!

Jen said...

Lots of good WIPs there!

Yesterday I found myself trying to finish up knitting things I told myself all year I should do! :)

Happy New Year!

dianne said...

I'm trying to finish a pair of Cedar Creek socks in STR Hollyday. I'm on the foot of the 2nd sock, so I'm pretty sure I'll finish. I'm also going to try to finish a FLS. I doubt I'll finish it, but I hope to at least make a big dent in it. I want to start KnitQuest's Flint from her sweater club, but I'm making myself finish the FLS first!

Love the Pont Neuf in True BloodRed!

Lindsay said...

Good for you finishing up stuff! I'm semi-trying to do the same, though I have to admit that the stuff I'm trying to finish up are items I decided to start at the last minute. I am sooo in for stash knitting sock club. This year has been lacking in the knitting department for me, but not so much in the buying, buying, buying!lol

Channon said...

I finished the vet's infinity scarf on Sunday, and am working to finish another scarf now. Then I suppose I can tackle a certain lace scarf... and we'll see how it goes from there.

Mya said...

I am seriously considering doing the sock stash down club for myself this year. I've got to get some of this stuff knit up!

Batty said...

If you finish these now, you get to cast on something new in the new year, and won't that be exciting!

I'm doing an actual sock club in 2011, but I'm thinking of doing a Project From Stash Club. Just knitting socks from stash isn't making the stash shrink. If I knit a bigger project a month, I may get some actual shrinkage.

Scrabblequeen said...

Yes, yes, and yes! Yes, I'm finishing up some UFO's. One little Owl Vest down this morning! Yes, I want to do a sock club this year. My friend did one for the last half of the year and it was great. My turn. And Yes, it was a sign. Knit for you for a brief moment. You're good for the other things later. :-)

mhardersen said...

I am going to do a self-imposed 'Knit' Club. I have packaged all my yarn in zipper bags with a little tag of what pattern to use. I then put all the patterns in a binder. So I will just pick a bag and locate the already orgnaized pattern and get to work! I thought this was a great approach to getting some of those must knit patterns done! Happy New Year!

Guinifer said...

I actually did two kits a month last year and by the end of the year - I had 25 pair!

Anonymous said...

oh goody goody goody! GREAT idea!
I have gifts to finish up myself...
formulating a plan too!

neknitsandbeads said...

While I would LOVE to finish my WIP's..,but they are still WIP's for a reason. A chevron scarf that is just not ending and my first cable project of which I need smoother gliding cable needles for

So, into 2011 WIP pile they go!

Neuroknitter said...

I still think I can finisih a pair of socks, a shawl and two hats by New Year's Eve! Hah!!

Good luck with your finishing!! That Pont Neuf is going to be stunning in that color!!

Happy New Year!! xo

Anonymous said...

Good luck - nice to read on and see your scarf is coming along nicely.

I decided to do something similar and powered through the rest of a cardigan that had been languishing in the UFO pile. Feels great- even though it's a winter cardigan and it's summer here in the Southern Hemisphere :)