Sunday, December 19, 2010

Quick Update

Here's the quick update on the sweat shop, I mean design deadline knitting/holiday knitting. It is 2:57am. The last design (of 3!!) is blocking and ready to go for the photoshoot tomorrow! Assuming they all dry. Yay!

My marathon knitting is often fueled by movies or TV shows. The last few days I've been enjoying the following...

Meet Me In St. Louis

Ally McBeal (the season with Robert Downey Jr. and Christmas!)

New episodes of The Closer (yay!)

Still this.

Law & Order: UK

An Affair To Remember

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

The Holiday

A bit eclectic, but works for me!

Oh, and mom picked the Plucky MCN fingering in Flannel Shimmy (the gorgeous of my faves!!) for her gloves. Her and I both want to thank you for all the birthday wishes! She was thrilled and totally understanding of the lack of gift. Although she keeps saying that seems to equal two sets of gloves, but oh well.

Here are the lucky winners too! The following win a copy of my Dotty sock pattern:



Sarah JS


And the lucky Burst sock pattern winners:

mhardersen (that's you Molly!)




Please email me at irishgirlieknits AT gmail DOT com and include the name of the pattern you won! Congratulations!!

So for today's blogiversary giveaway, leave me a comment about what you do for your marathon knitting (e.g., what movies help you crank out that project?, music?, place? anything!) or something else you enjoy while you knit (e.g., I pick the spot on the couch at IrishDad's house closest to the fire and guaranteed to get a doggie on your lap at the same time!). The pattern will be Sweet Baby Kate because...Dear Baby Francis (the Uncle Frank baby booties) should be released this week!! Yay!

And for double the fun, go over to Zknitter's blog and enter her blogiversary contest. She's giving away one of my patterns (love you Zonda!! can you believe it has been 4 years since I was your secret pal and reading your blog inspired me to start mine?!?!) as well as other fun prizes!

Tomorrow includes a photo shoot, holiday baking, and starting Lil' Snowboarder's Christmas socks!! I can't believe Christmas is right around the corner!!

As a special holiday thank you to all of my readers, I'm offering 20% off all of my individual patterns sold through Ravelry or my website. You can either click the pattern links on the right or purchase through Ravelry. The sale will run through the new year! Happy Holidays!!

merry christmas

Happy happy Holidays!

xoxo Irishgirlieknis


Kassia said...

I generally choose some TV series on Netflix for my marathon knitting-- Stargate or Lost usually! Also I really enjoy the Lord of the Rings trilogy; I love love love the music so if it's a complicated pattern, I don't mind missing what's happening on the screen (I've also seen each movie dozens of times lol!).

Andrea said...

I love Meet Me in St. Louis! It's one of my favorite movies to watch at the holidays (and it's plenty long so plenty of knitting time). Yesterday I did a crochet marathon to old episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 and Gangs of New York. This past week I was crocheting every night to get that afghan finished and my husband and I went through the last half of season 6 of the Sopranos. So yeah, it's a bit varied.

Linda Shields said...

Happy Christmas! And happy knitting. Congratulations on your marathon knitting. I do my best marathon knitting watching any kind of sporting event. Other than wrestling, I'm not choosy. Sports are the perfect knitting kind of show - instant replays help when I've missed that one exciting play. Happy Christmas from Kuwait. Linda Shields

Bev said...

My viewing is usually in marathon series: Bourne, Lord of the Rings, Bleach, Harry Potter, Kill Bill, Matrix, Star Trek, Battlestar Gallactica, Twilight. Many hours of viewing & knitting pleasure!

Stariel said...

It depends on what I'm knitting... if it's something simple that I don't have to look at then I prefer episodes of TV shows. Usually there are about 3 hours worth per Netflix disk, and I can get up between for a little hand resting time.

When it's something that requires more attention, like my current project, then I listen to knitting podcasts. It's a big project, I'm running out!

cksknitter said...

For my marathon knitting or blizzard knitting (which happened last weekend), I watch a DVD of Big Love or Weeds laying on the couch covered in a blanket, a pooch, and another blanket over the pooch.

Chris said...

I usually watch something that is interesting but not too interesting. I will "watch" hockey with DH news stuff or what else is on. Cooking shows on PBS are good too. Good luck with all that knitting!!

Jadielady said...

I like to play Sims 3 while I knit. It's easy enough to que up activities for my sims to perform while I do a few rows.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful Christmas tree picture at the end.

When I have to *marathon* knit it's sports all the way --- football, baseball or ESPN's Sports Center help keep the needles clicking.

Knitter said...

For my holiday marathon knitting, I sit in my computer chair, which supports in all the right places. I tend to watch cartoons, or a marathon if it's on tv. Like, they had a marathon of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, which helped me quite a bit, lol.

Zonda said...

Hehe thanks for the love! I'll be catching up on L&O UK (love British shows), Being Human, Torchwood(for the 3rd time), gosh way too many to remember. I'm kicked outta my fiber room for now, so between my bedroom and living room right next to my fresh Christmas tree...sure wished I had a fireplace though! ;)

Can't wait for Baby Uncle Franks! Which reminds was supposed to get Big Uncle Franks for our anniversary...this Thursday..oh well, he'll get them someday ;)

Your Mom picked a good color. Hehe..2 pairs now huh! I see I'm not the only night owl knitter ;)

Andrea said...

I sit on the couch. My marathon knitting usually happens on weekends, so since it's the season, it's football, football, football. Otherwise, I go to whatever is on my DVR.

Kelly-ann said...

I try to catch up on my General Hospital...I am 6 weeks behind right now!

Caffeine Girl said...

I love to curl up on our LazyBoy couch and watch The Office. I never get tired of that show!

Anonymous said...

My guilty pleasure for marathon knitting - watching Bravo and all the stupid reality shows like "Real Housewives" of wherever (do these women have actual lives or are they this pathetic just for our TV viewing pleasure) and "How to Marry a Millionaire". Dumb shows, but they occupy just enough of my brain that I can still get some pretty complicated knitting done.

Paula from knitcamp!

sticks said...

I've been knitting non-stop trying to get my sister's birthday present completed ( done and Mailed on Friday) Now I am finishing a pair of socks for my hairdresser- last 2 inches of the toe ( yea). I have been watching Lifetime movies and the hall mark channel so I am totally caught up on all the christmas movies - I think I started with the christmas shoes

dianne said...

For marathon knitting I like to work my way thru whatever's on the DVR, or I put on an old favorite movie like Fried Green Tomatoes that I know almost by heart. Or listen to a book or talk radio. Anything that will fill the silence while my hands work away.

Renee Anne said...

Marathon knitting includes episodes of Torchwood and Doctor Who......and Netflix streaming is awesome :)

cjbell said...

This time of year - I'm looking for those sappy Christmas movies!!

Scrabblequeen said...

Yippee for the winners! It DOES help to have movies for marathon knitting....or at least good tv like Sing Off and Castle. :-)

Elizabeth D said...

I've avoided marathon knitting for several years (I now try to target birthdays, which tend to be thoughtful and spread themselves throughout the year). But, when and if I do a marathon, I put 6 Christmas CDs in the changer -- baroque, early music, Windham Hill, English church choirs -- and just let the music keep me going. I should remember movies more often.

Neuroknitter said...

OMG, L&O:UK...I must look for it on Netflix for holiday weekend viewing!! Who knew?! I've been watching season 1 of the Good Wife during my marathon knitting!

Waiting anxiously for the new patterns to appear!!

Happy almost Christmas!! xoxo

Mary said...

I like Doctor Who, CSI, or West Wing for my marathon knitting.

Kristina L. said...

I seem to knit to shows like Supernatural, Fringe, and my DVDs of Xfiles and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The stuff I've seen before, I just listen and glance up at certain times to see what's going on. The newer shows tend to slow me down, since I like to see what's happening.

Amy said...

This fall I've done a lot of baby knitting for our new little one who is due in the next two weeks and for a friend at work expecting right after me. My knitting has been in the recliner (feeling lots of kicks) catching up on Glee, Castle, The Tudors, Leverage along with some favorite movies like Robinhood, When Harry Met Sally, etc. The best night of knitting though was my teenager's birthday. We had rented The Crazies for him and I got so much work done while trying NOT to watch it. Happy Holidays. Try not to stress too much about knitting. Makes it less fun.

Kathy said...

i have figured out that the only thing that helps is reruns. If it's anything I haven't seen, I make the mistake of watching! Errors and slowdowns are sure to follow. The best assistance of all time is traveling. I finished an entire hat on Saturday while my partner drove us down to a friend's house for the weekend. However, last year, I did finish most of a Koolhaas in the car outside bed bath and beyond but I was under duress as the recipient lives in the house with me. :) Good luck at the sweatshop.