Sunday, January 7, 2007

I Did It!

That's right! In addition to organizing my stash, I was inspired by Zknitter's photos and Scout's Froggin to start froggin my unfinished projects! I had already frogged three projects (a baby poncho that I had only cast on a few rows, a purse that I had only cast on a few rows, and two skeins worth of a shawl that I was just not lovin!). So I was ready to finish off the rest. A shawl that had been in this state for at least nine months and a square from a pillow that has been untouched for at LEAST a year and a half (OMG!! That is not only taking up space in an adorably cute project bag, but also mohair yarn
in colors that will work perfectly with some multi-colored manos to make a Purl Scarf).

Of course, as soon as I began frogging the mohair I realized how not-so-easy mohair frogs, so I'm hoping the 1 1/2 skeins of yarn I have left will be sufficient for the Purl Scarf and will only use this for fringe if necessary. The shawl was so easy to frog and now I have a row counter and needles to use. I haven't ruled out making the shawl, just not anytime soon!

Pashmina, I don't think you have this problem do you? I mean, seriously, I had way too many unfinished projects before I frogged these five. Because I still have quite a few unfinished projects left. The difference is that I'm actually motivated to finish these (at least, as of right now I am). I'm trying not to cast on anything new until I finish at least one or two of these. My current list of UNFINISHED PROJECTS consists of:

1) Sister-in-law's Circular Shrug (umm...Christmas Present, so top priority to finish...over a third done)
2) Clapotis (for me...had to put down for Christmas knitting, but picked it up again this week..halfway done)
3) Tapestry Circular Shrug (two-thirds done)
4) Blue Moon Ribbon Shawl (3/4 done...put down six months ago because I was getting worried about having to cut all the fringe...really just need to finish because it is gorgeous and I should be wearing!).
5) Peony Socks (about 1/2 of one sock done)
6) Socks That Rock HWY 30 Socks (little less than 1/2 of one sock done...really need to finish a pair of STR before Stitches in February or how else will I be able to justify to myself more STR???)
7) Suss Black Shrug (for Fishnet going to take forever..but will be so cute when done.. I'm noticing a pattern that things for me don't necessarily ever get done?)

I think that is it for unfinished projects! I have lots of new projects I want to work on, so I better get busy!

Wish Aisabella a happy 5th birthday for me! Love, Karabella

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Zonda said...

Yay for you! Glad I could help...I hope LOL! :)