Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Pretty Pretty!!!

Pretty pretty pretty pressies!! Look at these stitch markers! A very good friend made them for me (and she doesn't even knit so she made lots of sizes and lots of colors and said she'll make more!!!). I need to work on my photography skills because this pic just doesn't do them justice! And as much as I want to learn to make them, umm....when I have her... I can knit for her...and she can stitch marker for me! What happy friends we'll continue to be!!
Don't worry.. I am knitting, just no pics to show. I'm trying to finish Circular Shrug for my SIL (over halfway done!!). And thanks for help with the Destash!! Its going well!! See pics below!!
Happy Tuesday! xoxox Karabella (hey Pashi, three more days til San Diego...woo-hoo!!)

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Zonda said...

Beautiful stitch markers! :)