Thursday, January 4, 2007

Ok, I've returned...

Greetings Karabella, et al.... I am loving all your finished stuff! And the sewing machine! Makes lining purses much easier, I would think. Unless your machine hates you in the way that mine hates me. Mine really, really hates me. A lot. For no reason.

I actually finished a bunch of stuff that I then gave away as gifts and forgot to photograph, so...that was stupid. Among them: Purl scarf using that Rowan paper yarn with Manos and Rowan Kid Classic; the double cable scarf from One Skein using Cascade Baby Alpaca in gray for father-in-law -- AMAZING! Also, the yoga mat bag from Last Minute Knitted Gifts using Manos, and the loopy scarf using Kidsilk Haze and Hip Hop. Oh, and I did the Asymmetrical Cable Hat from One Skein using Naturwolle in pink/red, and the Rustic Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, which came out So Awesome! But like I said, no pics. So it's all just a tease.

But here are some recently finished things for which I DO have pics. Yes, they are all hats.

Here are 5 gift hats: 2 cable hats knit with Karabella Aurora Bulky :) - one in gray/blue, one in brown/pink. 1 cable hat knit with Rowan Little Big Wool (light pink) and Shelburne (brown stripe). 1 chunky pom hat that doesn't show up very well in the pic, knit with Berrocco Hip Hop in pink/red. 1 chunky roll hat knit with Lana Grande in white and pink. I think these are all gift hats, and I will miss them. So...what do you think??

Here is what I am working on and hope to finish tonight: Cable hat from Stitch and Bitch Nation done in Patons Soy Wool. I am surprisingly loving the yarn! I bought it at Joann's on a whim b/c I really liked the colors, but I am really enjoying how it is knitting up. Also a gift hat, also will miss it!

Ok, on to my most special hat....MY HAT! This is the first hat I've made for ME! Extra special because I had to kind of figure out the pattern for myself, which I've never done before. I'm kind of a "married to the pattern" knitter. This is done all in Blue Sky Alpacas Bulky - cream, pink and green apple. Not quite a skein of each. I LOVE IT, despite the fact that it sheds light colored fur all over me.
Here it is being beautifully modeled by me. I kind of wish I'd written down the pattern as I made it... but it's not that complicated, so I'm sure it can be figured out. If not by me, then certainly by KB.

Ok, that's it for me. The stash swap is a good idea. Perhaps I will go through my stash too and do some posting (just a shoebox worth ya know - that's all I have...).


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Anonymous said...

Hello fellow knitting pals!!! I am sooo excited to see all of your beautiful projects! Of course, I'm always available for modeling.. my only fee is the products I model!! Glad to see that your "passion" is so fruitful!

Love, Mary or "Marabella"