Wednesday, February 6, 2008

WIP: The Socks Edition

Its all about the socks this week baby! Dad loves his Rockin' Thujas that I made him for Christmas, especially since he can wear them with shoes (as opposed to the heavy Pastaza house socks he has been living in that he loved). So, for his birthday I'm knitting him another pair.


STR, heavyweight, in Mudslide

I'm being good and using stash yarn. Of course, I'll feed dad's sock addiction (seriously, he wore his Thujas to Christmas dinner, to coffee on Saturdays, to the SuperBowl party, he loves them!!) by telling him they'll have more colors at Stitches West! Oh, and Dad's birthday is Saturday (yeap, two days before mine!) so I better get a move on!

After I finish Dad's Thuja's I'll be working on my Serendipity Socks.


With the slightly ridiculous goal of trying to finish these for Valentine's Day! Wouldn't they be perfect!! I love the pattern and they fit great!!

Of course, the sock I really really want to work on, that I wanted to work on even more than the Wild Monkeys, is the second sock to the lonely sock that I left at my friend's house in New Orleans (and I'm praying it is making its way here in the mail!).


This is the point I was at when I was at the airport and I realized that I left the sock at her house. And then I stopped. I knew I would finish it before the other sock arrived home to me and I would be sad.....really, I LOVE this sock. Perfect colors that I can wear everyday without being "wild" and the fit...well, its the first pair in awhile that fits me perfectly and that I don't have to give away :) So, until my sock comes back to me, I'm not working on this.

Oh, and there has just been a little bit of progress on the cropped cardi. I'm a bad sister-in-law. Oh well. I'm a rockin' babysitter, right lil' guy? (I'll be playing with him all day Saturday!!!).

Cropped Cardi WIP

And to prepare for Stitches West (Squee!!!!!) a bit of destashing (the good stuff too, because sells quicker!!) is going on over here! (ravelry link)

Happy Sock Knitting!!

xoxo Irishgirlieknits

P.S. Dad, notorious for just looking at the blog pictures, actually read the comments about Puddles (you know, he shares joint custody during the week). In addition to saying, "Why aren't there pictures of Bailey?" He said, "She's a girl." Thanks guys! :)


Anonymous said...

Oh how I love knitting socks...after knitting a few pairs of socks for myself, I am going to be less selfish and start knitting socks for the Spouse and the Parents.

Yvonne said...

Lots of lovely socks, I particularly like the red ones!

Bezzie said...

Mmm..I like that mudslide color. And now I *want* a mudslide--yum!

turtlegirl76 said...

Ooooh mudslide thujas. Nice. The Serendipity socks are very pretty too.

Rebecca said...

Would love to see a picture of the Thujas on your Dad's feet since that is on my future knit list :-)

Have fun at Stitches West! One of these days I am going to make it to one of those!

tapmouse said...

OK, Dad (does he have his own blog name or do we just call him 'Dad'...? Or should it be IrishDad?) we will remember that Puddles is a girl! She is stinkin' cute! We would love Bailey as much! Is Bailey a girl or boy? Some people say it doesn't matter once they're fixed!

Yes! I vote for IrishDad to be the next blog model!

I'm loving your mudslide Thujas!

I'll peek at your de-stash, but will have to resist. I think you understand!-lol!

AND...HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD AND IRISH GIRLIE!!!! All the best to you two! Dad's are THE best!

(Can you tell I'm a 'Daddy's Girl'?!-lol!)

Neuroknitter said...

Love the mudslide socks! Your Serendipity socks look great...they are so fast, I'm sure you'll have them completed by Valentine's day!

Lucky you going to Stitches West!!

Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

Yay for sock WIPs!

And early happy birthday greetings to IrishDad & IrishGirlie! ('Cause I might not have a chance to say it on Sat.)

I forget, but did you say you & Disco are going Sat, not Fri to Stitches? 'Cause if you guys go Friday, I wonder if we can do a mini-meet up.

Beverly said...

It's so great to knit socks for someone who really appreciates them. My brother will forever get a pair every year for his birthday because he loves them and is amazed that I can knit such tiny stitches.

Zonda said...

Fab socks! Darn it, I knew I'd regret not getting the STR Club this time. Figures the last one from last year and this one...

cpurl17 said...

I love your socks--you have onelucky Dad! I hope I see you at Stitches!

Dame Wendy said...

Puddles is the CUTEST EVER!! The socks look awesome, total bummer about the one left in New Orleans!

Happy Friday!!

Disco said...

You mean you actually KNIT the sockyarn and don't just collect it?

These are all very nice indeed - I love the mudslide colour and the serendipities - you're right, perfect for Valentines day. Get knitting this weekend.


I cannot WAIT to see your stash :-p