Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Christmas Pressies Done!!! And RAK Goodies!

Yeah!! It's only January 16 and I'm done with last year's Christmas presents!! Trust me, better than what I can say for last year. And once again, my sister-in-law is the recipient of the final gift (cause she doesn't mind waiting and she really appreciates the pretty stuff so I tend to make her something extra nice!). Here's her circular shrug in Knit Picks Decadence! Love the yarn!! One finished object off my list! This is my FOURTH CIRCULAR SHRUG!!! And I'm bringing my fifth one (the Tapestry one) to New Orleans (I leave tomorrow for work...I know..tough life) to hopefully finish. Plus, Hot Mama (she knows who she is!) wants one too! I think I might be "shrugged-out" soon!

Oh, and who is that modeling that pretty Sheep Shop scarf?? Why, yes, it's me, IrishgirlieKnits... aka Karabella! I love this scarf and yarn so much I just had to take a picture with it because its a gift. So sad. Two skeins made this quick 2 x 2 rib scarf.

Here's a close up of the yummy colors.

And, look what was waiting for me at the mail box today! A thank you/RAK (random acts of kindness) package from my downstream winter secret pal Zonda. She is awesome. Her blog is part of the inspiration for our little bitty blog here. Her's is the coolest! I haven't tried any of the yarns that she sent- can't wait to try them!
So I'm off to New Orleans with my new project, for me!! My first sweater, Wicked. I'm making it in Artfibers Supermerino in Chocolate brown (I exchanged some stash yarn at Imagiknit for it... so it cost about $20! Well, I had spent a lot of pre-Christmas money at Imagiknit with Pashmina, so I just switched some of the yarn). Hopefully I'll finish that Tapestry shrug too! Happy week everyone! xoxox Karabella


Zonda said...

Love the shrug and scarf! Nice colors with both!

Glad you haven't tried the yarns yet! Thanks for visiting my blog too! Who knew I could inspire anyone to start one..Thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning me...I was getting a little worried hearing about all of your upcoming projects, but then I saw you remembered me! I love you!! By the way, it seems as if my modeling services aren't needed....you look great in your new scarf (or the scarf you made for someone else)!!
-Hot Mama