Friday, December 12, 2014

1000 & Blogiversary Special #3

1000 posts! That is crazy to think about. As I looked back through some of my older posts I found these sets of pictures and they summed up what this blog has meant to me!



Thank you guys!!! I think I'll have to make an updated friend photo collage for an upcoming post.

So our next blogiversary special is all about quick gift knits. I can't believe it is less than two weeks until Christmas! I definitely am not as organized as the Yarn Harlot with her spreadsheet. In case you are like me, I've picked some of my quick knit patterns on sale for this special.

From Dec. 12-15 (11:59pm PST), receive 50% off the following IGK patterns:

Alpine Lake
Miles to Go
Naylor Street
Sweet Baby Kate
Winter Wonder

IGK Quick Gift Knits Blogiversary Sale #3

All of these patterns require just one skein of yarn. Ok, well, not Alpine Lake, but it is knit out of bulky yarn and it knits up quickly, I promise. And if you don't have any bulky yarn, mix those bases. Take your favorite worsted and sport weight and knit them together. The cowl can be oversized!


There is a smaller cowl version of Winter Wonder that takes just one skein and would make a perfect gift. Erica knit this one above a few years ago. I think it would look great knit up it the yarn I just ordered from Bare Naked Wools, Kent Worsted.


So a quick update on my gift knitting. It isn't going that well, and I really only have two or three gifts to knit.


The tween's fingerless gloves are moving along slowly because going back to work full time has kicked my body's butt, literally. I was exhausted on Saturday. And this week in a lot of pain again. Ugh. But I'll have time off over the holidays soon!

And I know I mentioned the glove pattern would be done soon. Next week....I promise! They are super quick!


Then I need to knit this cutie pie a little something. I'm thinking a stuffed animal maybe. We'll see. She's not tolerating hats too much lately. Hmmmmm.....

How's your gift knitting going? Any last minute deadlines?

Oh, and speaking of gifts. Our contest winner is Renee Anne! Congrats Renee!!! Send me an email or message on ravelry with your address and I'll mail them out to you. I hope you and the boys survived the nasty storm we've had here in the bay area this week.

Lots of rain today......Puddy was a bit wet after her walk tonight.


Happy Knitting!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


Renee Anne said...

I'm impressed you could get puppy outside at all. Ours went out long enough to run through a couple puddles (lakes?) in the yard, do his business, and come back in to have his feet wiped. Silly dog.

And woooohooooo!

Anonymous said...

1000 posts is amazing, I don't think I've even hit 100 on the current blog:)

Anonymous said...

the last photo had me laughing. the look on your pup's face! like "why am i forced to walk in the rain?" but we are right out there with you.


dianne said...

Holiday knitting is not going as planned. Hats for everyone has turned into hats for nobody! The sweater for my niece is turning into a sweater for her birthday in February... But my friend Linda's daughters are getting knitted slippers and it warms my heart to do that for them. Our families have been friends for 15 years and the kids have grown up together :-)