Wednesday, December 17, 2014

In Good Company

A quick post as I get caught up in all of the holiday hubbub. Last night at knit night we talked about what we do while knitting at home. These days I am doing a Downton Abbey rewatch and find it perfect for the late nights.

I also enjoy podcasts and just got caught up with Kim Werker's new Podcast "Compulsory." She speaks with various creative types about our compulsion to make things. Quite a smart and fun listen.

I also like "This American Life" and "Pop Culture Happy Hour."

I'm also looking for a good audio book. One of our knit night regulars reads on her Kindle while knitting.  I can't seem to do that well. I end up either having to re-knit a row or re-read a paragraph.

What do you all enjoy while knitting? Any good audiobooks or podcasts you recommend?


IrishGirlieKnits said...

So bummed I missed knit nite last night! Work is so busy....can't wait to catch up on knitting! I'll all about marathon tv knitting.

I'm hooked on the podcast Serial for my commute time though. I'll have to check out those other podcast Tricia.

Jen said...

Audiobooks I've enjoyed recently: Ready Play One, The Night Circus and Fangirl! :)

Olivia said...

I have no audiobook recommendations (I'm looking for one, myself) but a huge thank you for reminding me to start up on Downton Abbey again before January!

Anonymous said...

i enjoyed the audio book of "discovery of witches". the reader is excellent and i look forward to the next book in the series.

i am astonished anyone could read their kindle and knit at the same time!!

AND i always think of how lost i am at the end of the downton abbey series when it ends for the year...and how will i manage to wait until it starts again...but it's almost here!!

there should be a blog for how we survive between downton abbey seasons.


Jodi said...

I loved listening to the Sookie Stackhouse audiobooks on my commute (can't listen to anything too intense while driving). A little trashy, but fun! I really recommend China Mieville's The City and the City (not trashy at all).

dianne said...

I just finished listening to The Mistletoe Promise and really enjoyed that. It was a quick listen, about 5 hours or so and perfect for the holiday season. I also recently listened to Necessary Lies by Diane Chamberlain and thought that was excellent If you haven't yet discovered JoJo Moyes, I'd recommend one of her books. Me Before You really spoke to my heart. Lastly, my entire Friday knitting group is hooked on The Clifton Chronicles by Jeffrey Archer. The first book in the series is Only Time Will Tell. The 5th and final book is coming out this spring and I can't wait!

Tricia @CheekyAttitude said...

Loving all these recommendations!

Irish Girlie - I just started listening to Serial and I'm hooked big time.

Jen - I loved Night Circus too and have GOT to start reading/listening to Rainbow Rowell. I've heard such great things. Ready Player One sounds interesting too - If you liked that you may like "The Martian," if you haven't listened to that yet.

Olivia, I can't wait until the new season! That's why I started watching again, I saw an ad for Season 5 - Yay!

Sazzy you always crack me up. I also forget where we leave off each season of Downton.

Jodi- I read the first few of the Sookie books. Audio would be great - I agree, light stuff on the commute is best for me too.

Dianne - Lots of great sounding stuff! Aren't knitters wonderful? I haven't met one yet that wasn't also a reader.

Heather said...

When I'd rather be knitting than driving (I drive for work) I listen to Old Fiber beat episodes (Now long gone), Knit picks podcast, Knit FM, Wait Wait don't Tell me and Ready Set Knit.