Monday, December 1, 2014

A Knitter's Kind of Cyber Monday

It's late Sunday night, so I can't really imagine saying Happy Monday, especially not after a lovely long holiday weekend. So instead, I hope your Monday is kind and gentle. Happy December though! Let the holiday celebrating begin!


I hope you had either a happy Thanksgiving weekend or a lovely weekend. Mine was lovely and filled with lots of family time, until today where I ended up in bed with a sinus infection. But after lots of sleep, I'm starting to feel better, and now can't sleep. Isn't that how it goes?

My Black Friday was spent in jammies buying some yarn from the Plucky Knitter update. I don't have too many gifts to buy this year, but the ones I do, I think I have under control. A few to knit I am finally starting. But I thought I'd share with you guys the Cyber Monday deals that us knitters are interested in....just in case you need to do any shopping for YOU this year!! I'll be honest, I bought some for me already!

But first, I need to answer Tricia's question from her post over the weekend. It was a great question about casting on and how long is too long, in case you missed it. First, I prefer to use the German Twisted Cast On Method. We learned it from JC Briar from her Cast On Class at Sock Camp (highly recommend any of her classes if you ever get a chance to take any of her classes). And I use a general guideline of about how much yarn to set aside when casting on by setting aside about 2.5-3x the amount of the final project measurements. So if these gloves should be about 8", I would set aside 24" (but I probably set aside more because I'm a generous guesstimator).


But this amount of tail leftover wouldn't bother me at all.


And this is why. I'm a end weaver. I try to weave my ends as I go along. ALL. THE. TIME. They bug me. And yes, these are matching fingerless gloves to go with the Sorin hat. You guys have seen these and I'm keeping my promise on not casting on new designs. These are a gift. I'm just finishing up the pattern and hoping to get them released in the next few weeks. The worsted weight version knit themselves practically! This was my progress today.....sick, asleep most of the day, and in bed.

Ok, so back to Cyber Monday!

Today receive 25% off all IGK patterns AND ebooks (this is the only time already discounted ebooks are included in the sale). NO COUPON NEEDED.


Reminder, my new design, Sorin is on sale for $5.00 through Dec. 7, but the additional After-Thanksgiving sale continues through today.


And since it is December, our new pattern of the month is Pont Neuf, which will be on sale for $4.75 the entire month. (so today take advantage of that extra discount!!)

Pont Neuf Infinity3

But there are plenty of other places to do some knitterly shopping. MarlyBird has a great list with TONS of Cyber Monday deals.

A few highlights from that list....

Knitterella is offering 25% off all of her patterns (on ravelry) AND products in her shop with the coupon code BETHANKFUL  I stocked up on a few things, but especially these holiday gift tags for gifts.

Bare Naked Wools and Knitspot are offering a few discounts. My favorite though is that the previous Fall in Full Color Club ebooks and Bare Naked Wools Club ebooks are 50% off! They include up to 17 patterns each and are over 200 pages practically! I love the ebooks that I already have so completed my collection this weekend. They really are stunning and a steal for 50% off. A separate deal is Cyber Monday is free shipping with purchase of $75 or more.

Also, Jennie the Potter is having an update at 11am central time! Yay! And she's also doing a special collaboration with Miss Babs and that update will be at 12pm Eastern on Miss Babs site (double yay!).

Any other places I should spend my paypal money today??

As I mentioned, my weekend was filled with lots of family time and I have to say, I love being able to hang out with Magpie so much. She is definitely out of hat wearing practice. We had to take a gazillion pictures just to get these few of her wearing a mini-Sorin hat. Here are a few to make you smile.



Happy December! Let the holiday knitting continue!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


Jean said...

Aw the hat looks so adorable on her!! And thanks for sharing all the sales/coupon codes and enabling. More shopping to do!!

Renee Anne said...

I may or may not have signed up for Cookie A's 2015 Sock Club.....I've not done something like it in quite awhile and I thought it was time :)