Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 10.

Here goes day 10 of nonstop-blogging.  I really am enjoying reading everyone else's daily posts and it reminds me why I started this blog.  To keep in touch with my knitting friends, despite their distance!  And to meet new friends too!

Since I spent most of today sleeping (ugh! stupid tooth infection that was supposed to heal in a few days seems to be taking an eternity and hurts!!), I fear I don't have a lot of knitting to show.  I have yarn I could show, but I've been having a hard time either being home or awake during the daylight hours with the time change.  I'm definitely going to prep better this weekend!

There are a few fun things around the blogosphere that I did want to point out.

1. Check out Disco's I-cord friendship bracelets!  Too cute for words!

2.  Sheri from The Loopy Ewe knit another Summer Wind because she so enjoyed knitting the first one!  This post made me smile this week, even when it hurt to smile :)  Plus, if you didn't know it, Sheri has a mini-Yarn Harlot effect! Both times that she has blogged about Summer Wind has given the pattern a nice bump in pattern sales.  Thank you again Sheri!!

3. I mailed off a new design to Kollage Yarns this week.  I used their new yarn Lofty, and boy do I love it! Perfect for those last minute holiday gifts.

4. Pinterest.  I'm slowly figuring it out.  What I can say is that this week it has me thinking all about the recipes to try, new crafts to make.  So inspiring.  Any particular recipe/crafty thing/want for christmas gift that has you inspired for this holidays?  I'd love to hear.

5. Tomorrow the last Harry Potter movie comes out on DVD!  So excited for my copy to arrive tomorrow.

And because this post needs a picture....


Halloween trick-or-treating really makes me wish he lived 2-minutes away instead of 2+ hours away!  He is seriously going to LOVE the Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar that Auntie IGK got for him!

Recently, Disco asked me if I've enjoyed the more frequent blogging.  If I wasn't sick, I'd have to say yes!  Being sick has made it a bit challenging to have creative topics or things to share.  However, I think it is also helping me to think a bit more about what else I can blog about.  Sara blogged about some of her recent crafty book purchases. I've been meaning to do something like that.  Disco, Mary-Heather and Tricia shared recipes.  Another one that I could do.  I also think I have a longtime post coming about lingering UFOs....

What about you guys?  Are you enjoying blogging on a more regular basis?  Any topics spark your interest or want to hear more about?

Tomorrow should be a fun day....we are going wedding dress shopping for my sister's wedding dress! 

Happy knitting!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


Discoknits said...

I just joined pinterest too. I was psyched that someone pinned my grellow beekeeper's! I also have some book reviews planned and, of course, the dreaded UFO's - this blogging thing really is inspiring some tidying up - literally and mentally.
Have fun shopping today - I fancy a trip out too ;0)

Discoknits said...

Also, Lil Guy is TOO funny in his costume. Love him xoxo

Jo said...

Pinterest has become a hot addiction for me. I tried following you back but kept getting a 'bad gateway' error. I'm enjoying the more frequent blogging - but I need to keep tucking my camera in my pocket so I have pictures to accompany my posts.

sarah said...

Aw, fun picture! I got that advent calendar for my little guy, can't wait to bust it out! :)

Zonda said...

Love Lil guys picture! I can't join pinterest, I swear I'd never get anything done LOL!