Saturday, November 5, 2011

5 good things.

1. Supportive local yarn stores, such as Nine Rubies, who throw parties for local designers AND stock Plucky Knitter's gorgeous yarns.  Well, stock it for as long as it can stay in the store, which isn't too long!

Plucky at Nine Rubies

I'll share more pictures from last night's event, but that's for another post.

2. College football Saturdays, especially when the Irish win!

3. Reading blog posts from friends who are also trying to blog more in November.  I love it!  If you haven't already, go read....

Discoknits I am so proud of her karate chop!
Goddess Knitters Fellow college football fan!
Hizknits Missing Stephen this weekend as he is at the fabulous Knot Hysteria Retreat in Port Ludlow
Knittinggolfer's Blog Check out her pretty new sweater! Love!
Rainy Day Goods  It was Mary Heather's tweets that reminded me it was NaBloPoMo!
One Stitch Short Sarah's tweets also reminded me that it was NaBloPoMo!
WildpeculiarJoy I so want to escape to that lovely fantasy house right about now!
A Day in the Life Manda is one of my fabulous test knitters! Can't wait til she shows us what she's knitting (hint, hint Manda!)!

4. Discovering new, inspiring blogs, such as Posie Gets Cozy!  Thanks for recommending it Lorajean! Now I want to make these for Christmas!

5.  An extra hour!!  So excited that tomorrow we have an extra hour due to daylight savings!  I'll admit, I desperately need that hour as the ongoing head/face pain I've been dealing with since September came back with a vengence last night.  I've been taking pain meds and icing my head/face all day :(  Hoping a good night's sleep and an extra hour will help me feel better tomorrow!

Want to share your good things?  I'd love to hear them.

Happy Weekend!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


GeniaKnitz said...

I'm so sorry your pain came back. Have you been checked for TMJ problems?
I'll keep my fingers crossed that things go better.

Discoknits said...

Oh, and there was wine. Perfect ;0) (Well, except for the head pain). Back to the docs this week!

MicheleinMaine said...

1. Getting all the wood stacked and under cover, finally.
2. Putting away the t-shirts and getting out the turtlenecks and sweaters. I love fall and winter!
3. Getting ready to bake bread.
4. Turning over the garden
5. Wearing my new sweater.
6. Starting a new knitting project!
7. Watching the kitties sleep in the late afternoon sun.

Guess there's a lot to be thankful for!

Manda said...

hint taken! :) I was looking at my own blog last night & thinking I needed to get some knitting on there. haha :) I'm sorry about the head/face pain. I hope it goes away soon. :(

Renee Anne said...

I'm happy that it's Sunday, November 6th...which means it's the day of Little Man's first birthday party :)

We're having a house full of friends, a little family, and surrogate family. It should be a good time as long as he doesn't get crabby...

Zonda said... first response got lost. Anyhow, sorry to hear the pain is back, sure hope they figure it out!

My 5 things are:
1. surrounded by mountains and seeing the snow on them yesterday morning.
2. working part time, I do miss the $$ of full time, but sometimes change is good.
3. My son coming home for a short holiday visit.
4. Blog friends, despite my lack of lots of posts and comments, I miss them. Trying to remedy that though ;)
5. A New Year coming up with new possibilities, endings, new beginnings and hopefully meeting a certain friend IRL ;)